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Calem x Reader - Hey Depressed Neighbour, hru?
It was a warm morning in Vaniville Town, but you were too focused on your childhood friend and crush, Calem, to notice how bothersome the weather was. You remembered how how long you two would sit by each other’s window sills, talking all night into dawn, then repeating the same thing all over again, everyday, and everytime.
But it was different now. Calem had changed. He had shut himself out ever since the ‘incident’.
“He hasn’t come out of his room for a whole month now!” You would occasionally hear Calem’s mother shouting through her phone, “He hasn’t eaten anything, and he refuses to socialize with anyone... except for his Pokémon, of course...”
One day that all changed.
It was the same day, at around 2 A.M., that you heard strange noises emitting from your bedroom window. A bit frightened, you held your pillow close to your chest, contemplating whether you should open the window or not.
You decided to be bold,
:iconpoke-girl333:Poke-girl333 28 32
Possessive Instinct (Kaname Kuran x Reader)
The breeze that ruffled your (h/c) hair was warm, and you sighed up at the stars as you sat uncomfortably on the cold stone balcony. It had been a few hours since the Night Class had departed for their night schooling, leaving you wondering why once again.
Why were you the only person in the Moon Dorms that was not a part of the Night Class? Why were you placed into dorms with people you hardly ever saw; when you were in class they were asleep, and vice versa?
It was all confusing to you, but you just remained silent and went with it- it was the Chairman's request after all, who were you to question his choice? You were just the new girl.
You had pored over these thoughts for the past month, never reaching an answer. Every time you had decided to confront the leader of the dorm, Kaname Kuran, your resolve had withered under his gaze. You admitted that you were attracted the boy, but there was something about him- about all the Night Class- that was
Deciding that your seatin
:iconcopper-wire:Copper-Wire 1,129 150
Mature content
A Story That Will Never Be Finished :iconspiritwind2000:Spiritwind2000 2 10
Kuraudia vs Bluebrain monster by Vanillea96 Kuraudia vs Bluebrain monster :iconvanillea96:Vanillea96 15 9
Unknown x Reader |Baby Boom|
Contains heavy spoilers for Mystic Messenger! Read at your own risk (if you want to be covered in fluff, that is ;D)
When you told him, you knew he wouldn’t be jumping up and down. You didn’t think much of a response, honestly. You weren’t sure if he’d be happy, you weren’t sure if he’d be sad, but you sure as Hell didn’t expect what did happen.
You opened the door to the flat with a tentative quietness. Saeyoung and Saeran were both working on coding before you left for the doctor’s, and you knew it wasn’t a good idea to disturb them while they were focusing.
You set the keys on the counter, slipped off your shoes, and headed for the guest bedroom that had inevitably become yours and Saeran’s room while you searched for a home of your own. You were definitely going to need one once the baby was born.
‘Mine and Saeran’s baby…’ You thought to yourself, a smile forming on your lips. Just the though
:iconyarikoi:yarikoi 271 22
Yuri Plisetsky X Reader
This was it, Yuri, your long time friend and the boy you secretly had a crush on for the longest time, was getting ready for the Rostelecom Cup where he will have to place fourth or higher to make it to the Grand Prix. Although you had been there supporting him since the beginning of his skating career you still worried, even if it did piss him off too.
You noticed Yuri kept looking around, and everytime he did and apparently didn’t find what he was looking for, his eyes would shine with disappointment, and anger. You didn’t know what he was searching for until it clicked, his grandfather, he hadn’t shown up yet, and by the looks of it, you didn’t think he was going to show up at all. “Yuri are you…?” You started asking, “I’m fine.” He said quickly, snapping at you.
Your eyes widened slightly, Yuri rarely got mad at you, and rarely snapped at you, quickly realizing his mistake he began apologizing, before stopping and sighing.
:iconwinibie:Winibie 105 13
707 X MC
“I need you to keep a secret for me Jaehee.” You said, you had just been let into Jaehee’s apartment. Having left Rika’s apartment a little over three weeks ago, you had been staying in one of the rooms at Jumins penthouse.  “A secret?” Jaehee raised her eyebrow at this but didn’t say anything else, urging you to continue, “I’m pregnant.” You said quickly, she barely caught what you had said.
When your words registered her eyes went wide, at first she thought the child you were carrying was Jumin’s, only to shake the idea of that ever happening out of her mind. Then her thoughts travelled to Seven, and well, he was the only other person she could see you doing anything with. “Is it….?” She started, but couldn’t find the right words to finish.
“It’s Sevens...But you can’t tell him, or anyone, Seven doesn’t want anything to do with me…” You mumbled, looking a
:iconwinibie:Winibie 17 5
Smiles All Around (Koro-Sensei x Reader)
Time ticked by slowly. Tick, tock. Tick, tock. Class had ten more minutes until it was over. And all of Koro-Sensei's words all blurred together. They just didn't make sense one bit!
"Why is class so boring?" _____ thought to herself. "What the hell is he even talking about? I don't get it!" She screamed internally.
"Ohhh~" The yellow creature cooed as his face sat mere inches away from the young ______'s face. This caught the girl off-guard, causing her to let out a loud yelp of fear before she regained her composure. "Tell me, ______, what is the answer to number three?" He pointed with his tentacle-like finger to her book.
"Oh, uh..." She trailed off, looking at her book. None of it made sense. "Uh.... The Blood Eagle?" The _(Hair Coloured)_ haired girl answered, referring to a Viking Torture that involved cutting open someones back and ripping out their spine.
"Tsk, tsk, tsk!" Koro shrugged, disappointed. "You may be on the right track, but no. The Blood Eagle is for another day to
:iconokami-wolfgod:Okami-WolfGod 155 54
Mature content
X/Calem x Reader .Ti Odio. :iconchibichibiichigo:Chibichibiichigo 14 10
Hugh x Reader .Ti Odio.
Hugh x Reader .Ti Odio.Hugh's pov
After retrieving my sister’s Purrloin, now a Liepard, from the shadow traid member, I walked out and let it get used to my presence. The Liepard continued to glare at me and looked around as if checking if we’re alone. I sighed as I see no progress going on to revert Liepard’s new mindset about humans.
“It’s okay, we’re the only ones here. You’ll be reunited with my sister soon.” I told the pokémon.
“You sure about that?” A feminine voice spoke out of the blue.
I whipped my head around, my hand ready to grab Samurott’s poke ball in case a battle ensues. I faltered when I saw the owner of the voice and saw the person I least expected to show up.
“(Name),” I looked at her with tears ready to burst out of my eyes. “I-I can’t believe it. You’re really here!”
“Lie!” The pokémon jumped to her side as if it was hers.
“Hmm, w
:iconchibichibiichigo:Chibichibiichigo 18 24
hitsugaya by 5i59 hitsugaya :icon5i59:5i59 36 10 I'd Like To Know More... by Zacatron94 I'd Like To Know More... :iconzacatron94:Zacatron94 182 15 Team Rekt [Commission] by Seoxys6 Team Rekt [Commission] :iconseoxys6:Seoxys6 89 14 Dremora Lucario [Commission] by Seoxys6 Dremora Lucario [Commission] :iconseoxys6:Seoxys6 217 7 Ask Ash 224 by DoremiSanyouluv Ask Ash 224 :icondoremisanyouluv:DoremiSanyouluv 16 6 Grunt Question Commission by AllKindsOfYES Grunt Question Commission :iconallkindsofyes:AllKindsOfYES 24 13


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As you all know from my last journal entry. My best friend passed away yesterday from Leukemia. His family isn't too well off currently, and they can't afford to buy funeral services. I'd appreciate it if you could go to the GoFundMe page his aunt set up.
Here's the link:…

He wasn't a bad guy... he was a wonderful person, and he could make me laugh when no one else could.
Today at around 11:25 AM, during lunch at my school, one of the counselors stopped all conversation. She had been crying, I could tell by her face...

Before I tell you what she said, yesterday, May 3rd, 2017, I heard that my best friend, nicknamed Angel, had Leukemia. For those who don't know, Leukemia is a blood cancer. When someone is diagnosed with Leukemia, they have an increased number of abnormal cells, which impedes the ability for the body to produce normal red or white blood cells. (If I make mistakes with this, please correct me.)
Anyway, Angel is a year younger than me. He was diagnosed last Friday, April 28th. The school found out yesterday and told the students and parents.

The counselor started to explain. She said that as we all knew, Angel (she said his real name, of course) was sick. He had Leukemia. She started crying as she continued. She said that a few hours prior, he passed away, surrounded by friends and family.
The medicine he had been given to treat his Leukemia had backfired, and his body rejected it, making the cancer worse. It spread to his brain, ultimately killing him. As soon as I saw her start crying, before she even said, I had that feeling in my stomach. I knew he was gone. I collapsed, and started crying. I had to get pulled out of the cafeteria. My mom had to come to the school and pull me out of school early... my dad came home early, and all I've done all day is cry off and on...

You've finally gained your wings, Angel. Fly free, my friend... I'll miss you so much, but you're free from the pain and depression that once held you here. May we meet again someday.
As you all know from my last journal entry. My best friend passed away yesterday from Leukemia. His family isn't too well off currently, and they can't afford to buy funeral services. I'd appreciate it if you could go to the GoFundMe page his aunt set up.
Here's the link:…

He wasn't a bad guy... he was a wonderful person, and he could make me laugh when no one else could.


Artist | Varied
United States
Here's an index to AUs for my main OC Sky, some stories, RP starter meme, RP starter that I've written, and a few other things:…
Thanks for visiting my page~
I add people back if I get a watch, too so.... yep~

I've got multiple phobias, but... meh. xD
Don't be afraid to fling me an RP starter on my page, but specify which version of Sky you'd like to RP with. Please make sure it's one of the finished versions though! ^^

So then......
I like Minecraft, CoD, Gears of War, Warriors (Hence my username), Hetalia, FMA, Soul Eater, Sekirei, High School of the Dead, the Hunger Games (Still need to read Mockingjay!), Ranger's Apprentice, and a TON of other things that would take forever to name!
I hate receiving chain mail so please avoid sending me any, be it good or bad. It's all fake, and no dead little girl or whatever will appear in your room if you don't.

Oh shit!!!! I forgot to mention~!
I'm a huge Cryaotic fan, and I'm part of the BroArmy. Yes, I have subscribed to both Pewdiepie and Cry.

Cry's saved my life, and so has Pewdie, but Cry's been able to more. I know they don't know it, and will probably never read this. But the two of them have literally saved my life. They've kept me from even trying to commit suicide. I'm forever grateful to the both of them, and I don't want to see Cry's face. I don't care what he looks like. It's what's on the inside that counts.

Sorry xDD That probably sounded really sappy.


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